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       Hi! I’m Lois Miller and I love the Lord. I asked Jesus to be Lord of my life when I was eighteen years old and in high school. What a transformation for me. I truly became a new person and my eyes were opened to the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost.   My boyfriend, Harold, and I joined Campus Crusade for Christ at college (WE ARE…PENN STATE!- had to get in.) and that’s where I discovered the Word of God. 
I always enjoyed writing,  my mom was a strong influence– she was an excellent writer. And so about ten years ago I began writing a lot and three years ago I began studying the craft of storytelling. Under my name, Lois Miller, I write inspirational novels, tips on studying the bible, how-to’s  on how to structure,write, and revise your fiction stories, and the many ways to use the disc notebook system.     

My other works: historical romance novels,  basic lessons on how to write a novel are written under my pen-name Lurene Miller —(
Lurene writes on the risque side which is my caution to those who don’t want to blush… or keel over from graphic descriptions. Just a warning :).
I read many genres though my favorite books are those with romance and an HEA – a Happily Ever After ending.
Speaking of love, my best friend is my husband, Harold (yes, the guy from college).  We winter in Florida, eight minutes from Disney World and summer in Treasure Lake, Pennsylvania ,which is nestled  in a hardwood forest. Wearing shorts in January is great but I really do prefer the Pennsylvania Woods. Nothing compares to the smell of a forest of trees after a rain.
Thank you for visiting my website. I do try to offer a freebie if you join my newsletter. I promise never to spam and unsubscribing is always easy.  I like to hear from fellow lovers of the Word and writers too. Drop me a line on the Contact Page.
Happy reading and love much! My best, Lois