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     Welcome to my Readers Page. I am an avid reader and am also an Amazon affiliate which means if you click on an Amazon book cover on my site, and actually purchase it through the link on Amazon, I receive a whooping 4% of the sale from Amazon. So thank you :). Also, your cost is not increased at all. That said, I believe in being thrifty (I’m the queen of thrift) and so, I buy used books when I can. They are a great way to furnish one’s library– guilt free. The second best way to read cheaply is through a kindle unlimited (KU) subscription for $10 per month. You can borrow 10 books at one time but the number of books you can read is unlimited. My husband and I share the same KU subscription and we read about twenty e-books a month. Now that’s a deal!   Every book that I recommend, I have read, reread, and have probably taken extensive notes on it. I pray these resources are a blessing to you as you study His Word.  Lois 

          This is an awesome course. You will not get through it in a year. E.W. Kenyon presents so many scriptural truths that it took a year for me to finish it. A God of Love is presented in a thought provoking way that makes this Bible Course my favorite!

                  I first saw Andrew Wommack at a meeting he was putting on in the SeaWorld Hilton Hotel in Orlando Florida about ten years ago. Once I got past his Texas accent and his monotone voice, I was just plain mad!  Whaaat!? you say? Well, his talk was about prayer and his challenge to the audience was, “How’s your prayer life working out? Are you seeing answers? Are signs and wonders following you?” At first I thought, ‘How dare he?’ then I slid down  down in my seat because I knew scripture was true. I bought four books after the meeting and my life changed.  In the months that followed: I saw myself differently,  I allowed God to reintroduce Himself to me, my prayer life did a total reversal, I saw people healed, I found joy in God’s Word!  

                   This book I do not own but his Sharper than a two edged Sword audio series at Andrew Wommack Ministries –  was crazy awesome.

               This is a little booklet that shook me to my core… you read this and you will never be the same again.

             Great book . Reader beware … my eyes were opened to a whole new side of prayer effectiveness.  After my first year of shock and never wanting to pray again#! Prayer became a power ball of action and love all rolled up together. 

            This book turned me around.

              Great book. 

                Whether you read Spirit Soul & Body by Kenneth E. Hagin or this one by Wommack– just read it. Know that you are a spirit that has a soul (mind will and emotions) and that you live in a body. So important and key to understanding scripture and the world we live in.

                Smith Wrigglesworth — wow.  “We need to wake up and believe God.” “How important it is that the fire of God should touch our tongues.” “I want to show you that you can be a living branch of the living Vine, Christ Jesus, and that it is your privilege to be right here in this world what He is.  – ‘As He is, so are we in this world.’ Not that we are anything in ourselves, but Christ within us is our all in all.     


“Real faith is acting on the Word independently of any Sense evidence.” page 34-35.  Powerful is this little book of 116 pages… get your highlighter out and be prepared to be enlightened!

I will list more books from my library later. My novels are awaiting me. They can’t get written without me! Lois